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About Spectra

spec·tra /spektrə/: a broad range of varied but related ideas or objects; plural for spectrum


The word Spectra is plural for spectrum, as in spectrums of light, energy or vibration.  I’ve named the studio Spectra because I love the idea that a spectrum is a range and can vary infinitely within a continuum.  I liken this to our journeys through life, that we all take steps that make up the ranges within our lives.  All of my steps along my yoga journey have been small ones, necessary ones, sometimes scary ones to lead me here today.  I hope Spectra Yoga is where you might choose to take a small step onto your mat.


Spectra Yoga is Costa Mesa’s urban oasis to calm down, unwind, expand your horizons, and uncover community. My intention is that you’ll find yourself in a warm, luxurious, and loving space, surrounded by beautiful lush greenery and vibrant colors inspired by my trip to Bali. Whether you are looking for a group or private lesson, every class at Spectra Yoga is designed to invite students to Reveal Your Radiance and unleash your inner selves. Anyone is welcome to join the Spectra community in the open and non-judgmental studio space.  In the spirit of exploration and variety from the studio name, Spectra offers a wide range of classes accessible to everyone.


I wholeheartedly welcome and invite you to join the community of like minded people all exploring how yoga can uplift, transform, and benefit you physically, mentally and if relevant spiritually.



2701 Harbor Blvd, Suite E-1
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

(714) 436-0576