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Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga Level 1.5

This class is taught by:

Jamie A Ali

Bio: Growing up as a dancer, Jamie was first introduced to yoga in a ballet class at the age of 13. It wasn't until after her first child that she really saw the benefits, healing and beauty of yoga. She practiced mostly on her own until stumbling into a yoga class at the gym. It was then that she realized how special yoga was. After leaving that class, she felt amazingly happy, strong and emotionally empowered. She had made yoga her life. Wanting nothing more than to share the special gift with all who are willing.
Teaching style: I teach with love and compassion with an emphasis on alignment and safety. My teaching style is slower, allowing time and breath to melt into each pose.
3 things I would put in my time capsule: 1. Pictures of my family
2. French fries
3. T.V. so I can watch judge Judy (my guilty pleasure)

Shaina Williams

Bio: After starting her nursing program in 2011, Shaina was introduced to yoga as a way to deal with the challenges of school and work/life balance as well as develop an exercise routine. Daily practice became a favorite and in 2013, Shaina completed her 200 hour training with CorePower Yoga. Teacher training was completely life changing as it gave her the tools to take on life in a more positive and healthy way. Diving deeper, Shaina also completed her 40 hour level II training with CorePower in late 2014. Yoga is truly a gift to her and she is grateful to be able to pass on it’s amazing and transformative benefits to others. Shaina joined Spectra yoga a few months ago after seeing the array of classes offered and you will often find her in full body
fitness classes in the mornings before starting her busy day at the medical practice she currently works at in Irvine, CA. Shaina currently teaches Vinyasa and recently completed her
15 hour yogalates certification with Spectra and has started teaching this fun and invigorating format!
Teaching Style: I would like to think of my classes as challenging but accessible to all levels. I remember being new to yoga and feeling lost as to how the class should go and I do not ever want someone to feel discouraged when starting a new practice! I like to bring a lot of energy and positivity to both my Vinyasa and yogalates classes and my goal is to impact at least one person each time I teach. I choose to be authentic and fluid in my teaching and I enjoy being able to teach in an environment where authenticity is encouraged!
3 things I would put in a time capsule: Pictures of good memories, family and friends; Focus journals/calendars- so awesome to look back at all my progress and to see how far I have come; and some nursing handbooks to always remind me of the career path that not only helped me become stronger and healthier but also led me to start my yoga journey which has brought me so much abundance.
Find Me: IG @shainaashlynyoga

Leslie Rothman

Bio: Yoga became a way of life for me when my youngest son was in pre-kindergarten and I had time to dedicate to the practice. After my first yoga class, I was hooked! I love that I was able to have an hour or two out of the day to dedicate to myself and I was able to focus on nothing but what was happening on the mat. I soon became a regular on my yoga mat, practicing any free time I had. I love how yoga challenged me, at the same leaving me with a sense of peace and contentment. My husband and I share our love of yoga and meditation with our children.
I decided to take Spectra School of Yoga's teacher training program in 2016. It was an incredible experience and I loved what I was learning. My hatha/vinyasa yoga style is strongly influenced by the great teachers I have had along the way. I feel very fortunate to have been surrounded by and continue to feel the support in my home, my neighborhood and yoga community. Yoga has enriched my life in insurmountable ways!  
Teaching Style: My teaching style is vinyasa flow with attention to cueing and alignment. I am encouraging to my students allowing them to feel comfortable and not intimidated, to challenge themselves.
3 things I would put in a time capsule:
1) picture of my family, 2) ipod with all my music, 3) yoga mat

Garrett Neill

Bio: Garrett Neill, DC, RYT-200, FRCms, or Dr. Yogi Gare, is a Chiropractic Physician who loves to explore physical concepts of Mobility, Stability, and Balance in the Yoga postures featured in his class. Dr. Garrett came to yoga from a shoulder injury from competitive swimming and has been a Yogi of over 12 years. He has been a Yoga Teacher for almost 4 of those years. His extensive knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics leads to an amazing full mind and body experience in his yoga classes. Garrett also teaches anatomy to yoga teachers, has written a book about Yoga injuries, and publishes articles regularly for two online magazines: Shut Up And Yoga & YogaUOnline.
Teaching Style: The most common thing I hear about my teaching style is that it is a lot of fun, quite challenging, and very different. I feel like this is because I like to weave a lot of interdisciplinary movement into my Yoga classes (like exercises from kinesiology, neuroscience, martial arts, tai chi, etc). I have a more modern approach to Yoga Asana in that I modify and customize traditional poses to create "Hybrid Poses." My goal with each class is to guide my students to their highest potential using the safest and most effective methods. I also tend to talk a lot about anatomy and function of the human body. I feel like this perspective gives advanced yogis a chance to feel something new in traditional postures and creates new opportunities to move their bodies, and with beginners my intention is often to help them find their own alignment and success in their practice.
3 things that I would put in a time capsule: The music I'm currently listening to, a photo of my family, a journal of my thoughts and ideas.
Find Me: Facebook: Dr. Yogi Gare; Instagram: Dr_Yogi.Gare; Website: mindfulmvmnt.org

Matt B Benavidez

Bio: Matt was born and raised in Orange County and lives an active lifestyle. He enjoys running, biking, hiking, surfing, skating, and and most team sports. He began taking yoga classes as a way to gain more balance and flexibility, and quickly realized its benefits physically, mentally, and spiritually. Matt quickly fell in love with the philosophy of yoga and tries to incorporate it into his daily life on and off the mat. He is constantly trying to create a place of peace and happiness in the studio and in his life. As an avid musician, he finds a sense of relaxation while playing multiple instruments and listening to an eclectic mix of music. Matt completed his 200 hr teacher training in December 2012 and is constantly learning as much as he can about different styles of yoga to better his students practice as well as his own.
Teaching Style: Very Grounding approach to teaching power vinyasa, hot, and yin/restorative yoga
3 things I would put in a time capsule: iPod with all my favorite music/created music, Light on Yoga, and a Tibetan singing bowl

Joey O'mara

Bio: After tearing his ACL playing Collegiate Lacrosse in the fall of 2006, Joseph needed to find a way to stay strong through the injury and he turned to yoga. The healing path of Iyengar Yoga was extremely intriguing and Joey started to seriously study Iyengar's methods at Western State University, CO. Following the yogic path he completed his 200 Hour Teacher Training at Corepower Yoga, Huntington Beach in 2010. Joseph continues his studies over the next 8 years throughout the country with world renown teachers such as Brock Cayhill, Shiva Rea, Janet Stone, & Annie Carpenter to name a few. He has accumulated over 5,000 hours on the mat and has found yoga to be the backbone for developing happy, healthy & conscious lifestyle. When he's not teaching his high energy, pumped up classes, you can find him riding his bike across the county, dueling out in intergalactic star fights, and traveling the world searching for the best house music for his classes, while always keeping an eye out for the Temple of Doom. *mostly true
Teaching Style: High energy, powerful, and spiritual. Medicine for your soul
3 things I would put in a time capsule: Basketball, soccer ball, & frisbee
Find MeFacebook @Joseph.Omara

Jill R Romero

Bio: I’m a native New Yorker and in 2004 I moved to California to attend graduate school and become a teacher. I have been teaching Spanish at Troy High School in Fullerton since 2006. Teaching is something that I am very passionate about, so when I began practicing yoga, I knew right away that, eventually, I would want to share it with others. I was introduced to yoga in May 2015 after sustaining a severe knee injury. Before that, I was an avid runner and soccer player. After my first class, I was captivated by the practice because it was challenging as well as rewarding. Within a few weeks, I started to notice many positive changes in my health and well-being.
Yoga allows me to get into a meditative state of relaxation, a conscious space that teaches me about awareness. Through yoga, I operate from a grateful space, and that appreciation has made me look at myself and my life differently. For me, yoga is so much more than the pose. It’s about quieting the mind to allow it to transform you spiritually. I see yoga as a useful complement to the other aspects of my daily life, helping to restore balance to all levels.
Teaching Style: I believe that yoga is a tool that helps us discern who we are, and make decisions that are in service to our emotional, physical, and spiritual nourishment. To me, yoga is a quintessential act of self-care and a chance to become embodied, empowered, and more firmly grounded in who we are. I want my students to feel that empowerment and connection when they are in my class. I strive to provide a peaceful and motivating space for my students to get in touch with themselves.
3 things in I would put in a time capsule: My mala beads, a picture of my loved ones, and of course, my yoga mat. :)

Karen C Clark

Bio: I teach yoga because I believe in it’s ability to heal our minds and bodies after experiencing it for myself. Prior to trying yoga I had a regular fitness routine that included ballet dancing, Pilates, aerobic classes and light strength training. Even though I was active I found myself spending a lot of time visiting my massage therapist and chiropractor to repair imbalances in my physiology. I began looking for a more effective way to restore harmony in my body and tried my first yoga class at age 40. I started noticing improvements in my flexibility and functionality with yoga. Shortly after I began a regular yoga practice I had some difficult life events that really tested my emotional wellness too. I craved the peace that I found each time I went to yoga, and found it was helping my mind as much as my body. That grew into a real love for it and a spark to share my love with others by becoming a certified instructor.

I teach Hatha / Vinyasa yoga and Aerial Yoga. I love the lighthearted fun of the hammock classes and discovering new ways of using the hammock for strengthening, stretching, restoring and translating yoga poses in new dimensions.


Teaching Style: Encouraging, friendly, educational. I am very focused on teaching alignment and breath so my students find stability and space in their postures first, and then start exploring strength and depth of the pose.


3 things I would put in a time capsule: Lip gloss, yoga mat, cozy sweater & sweat pants


Find Me: FB @Karen Clark Yoga

IG @liftedspirits_yoga

Chihiro Sano

Bio: Chihiro Sano, originally from Japan, has completed Power Yoga Certification in 2011 and Hot Power Fusion and Core Restore Certification in 2013 with Corepower Yoga. Chihiro believes Yoga brings happiness in life and strength in body and is passionated about sharing her love of yoga with people of all ages. As a professional modern dancer, she has been performing thought out the country with Backhausdance at venues including McCallum Theater in Palm Desert, at Irvine Barclay Theater, at the American Dance Festival in North Carolina, Carpenter Center in Long Beach and at the Joyce SoHo in New York City. Chihiro loves to eat, sleep, eat, yoga, dance, eat, sweat, read. (and eat.)
Teaching Style: Flowing, Challenging, Peaceful 
3 Things I would put in a time capsule: Yoga Mat, Japanese chopsticks, Dance clothes

Cassie Wierenga

Bio: Cassie has always been an intellectual and spiritual seeker. At a very early age she began asking deep questions about the nature of the universe and the purpose of life. Cassie was unable to find literature or community that aligned with her thoughts to support her pursuit, until she found yoga! Being a natural athlete, Cassie easily sunk into the physical practice, and loved being able to connect her physicality with her mental and spiritual pursuits. Yoga changed her life, allowing her anxiety to ease, her heart to open, and her energy to soar. Wanting to share this path with others, Cassie completed her 200-hour teacher training in fall of 2014. She has also completed a 10-hour Yin Yoga training, and a 12-hour Prison yoga training. Cassie teaches for homeless shelters around Orange County, and hopes to bring yoga to the prison community. She loves leading her students to a good workout, proper alignment, and a stable and steady mind, while sharing a bit of yoga philosophy.
Teaching Style: Cassie’s classes are ever evolving as she continues to develop in her role as a teacher. She leads a strong class, helping her students to find their edge, while guiding them to proper alignment for optimal strength and length. Her classes are also mindfulness based, always with the main intention of cultivating awareness and learning strategies to have a calm control over your own thoughts and emotions.
3 things I would put in a time capsule: 1. Gold promise ring. This not only symbolizes love, but also family, friendship, community and commitment. The stuff life is made of!

2. Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. Symbolizing my dedication to self-realization and academic pursuits.

3. Bell-bottom yoga pants (with a fun print). Symbolizing my love for yoga (of course!), as well as creative expression without regard to societal norms, the ability and strength to express yourself authentically.

Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga Level 1/2: Yoga Fundamentals+
Level: All levels → good for beginners
Temperature: 85-90 degrees F
Description: Level 1.5 yoga is an instructional and confidence building class. All great things must rely on a sound foundation. This class focuses heavily on correct postural alignment and developing appropriate yogic breathing. Fundamental poses that are common to many classes such as Downward Facing Dog and Warrior Poses will be broken down for the students, and modifications will be given if needed. Building a strong yoga foundation is crucial in a student’s success on the mat as their yoga journey blossoms. Level 1.5 yoga is a class for beginners and those working towards building upon a yoga foundation. Options will be given to students to advance their practice working towards Level 2 poses.

Upcoming classes:

  • Tue Dec 11 5:15 pm - 6:15 pm with Jamie A Ali
  • Tue Dec 11 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm with Shaina Williams
  • Wed Dec 12 9:00 am - 10:00 am with Leslie Rothman
  • Wed Dec 12 5:45 pm - 6:45 pm with Garrett Neill
  • Thu Dec 13 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm with Matt B Benavidez
  • Fri Dec 14 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm with Joey O'mara
  • Fri Dec 14 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm with Jill R Romero
  • Mon Dec 17 9:00 am - 10:00 am with Karen C Clark
  • Mon Dec 17 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm with Chihiro Sano
  • Mon Dec 17 5:15 pm - 6:15 pm with Cassie Wierenga
  • Tue Dec 18 5:15 pm - 6:15 pm with Jamie A Ali
  • Tue Dec 18 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm with Shaina Williams
  • Wed Dec 19 9:00 am - 10:00 am with Leslie Rothman
  • Wed Dec 19 5:45 pm - 6:45 pm with Garrett Neill
  • Thu Dec 20 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm with Matt B Benavidez
  • Fri Dec 21 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm with Jamie A Ali
  • Fri Dec 21 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm with Jill R Romero
  • Mon Dec 24 9:00 am - 10:00 am with Karen C Clark
  • Mon Dec 24 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm with Chihiro Sano


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