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Bio: A lifelong Cardio junkie who dabbled in yoga occasionally, Jeri discovered hot yoga while recovering from an running injury in early 2006. A new obsession was born. After practicing daily for five months, she was trained to become an instructor of hot yoga. Since then she has completed a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification and has become a certified Pilates mat instructor, as well as an indoor cycling instructor. Jeri believes that yoga should be fun and motivates her class with a soundtrack that rocks. She is the mother of two beautiful daughters and in her spare time works as a registered nurse.
Teaching Style: Loud and fun. Emphasis on proper alignment and safety at all times.
3 things I would put in a time capsule: My Bible (with my notes and highlights), my playlists (both yoga and spin), my photo albums from when my girls were little
Find Me: Facebook @ Jeri Hall White

Jeri instructs the following:
  • Yoga Lift
  • Level: Intermediate/Advanced
    Temperature: 95 degrees F
    Description: Boost your muscles and uplift your soul in a Yoga Lift class. This class unites the high energy of light weight lifting and the mindful alignment of yoga. Light to heavy weights are provided to each student to use during class to add challenge and help strengthen muscles. This is a great class to improve your fitness level and cardiovascular endurance. The spirit of the class will uplift, strengthen, detoxify, and encourage endorphin release. This class is practiced in a hot room, so please bring a towel, water, and wear moisture wicking clothes. Yoga Lift is appropriate for intermediate level students.

  • Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga Level 2
  • Hatha Yoga Level 2: Flow and Let Go
    Level: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate
    Temperature: 95 degrees F
    Description: Level 2 yoga builds upon the fundamentals learned in Level 1 to add an increased challenge to a yoga class. The solid knowledge base learned from Level 1 carry over to this class and Level 2 students are encouraged to let go of newcomer energy and flow confidently in this class. Instructors sequence the asanas in more ornate and creative fashions to keep students improving and feeling challenged. Some instructors may choose to teach this class in a Vinyasa format where the poses and transitions from pose to pose are linked with a breath cue. Depending on the teacher, this class can be taught at a faster pace than the Level 1 class. Additionally, a broader range of asanas and breathing techniques are taught to increase flexibility, strength, and concentration. This class is practiced in a warm room and is appropriate for advanced beginner/intermediate students.



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