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Bio: I was born and raised right here in Orange County where I worked part time as a bookkeeper while raising my two beautiful, now adult children. I walked into my first yoga studio, now known as Yoga Tribe, almost eleven years ago. It didn't take me long to realize the importance of the practice to my every day life. I started out practicing 5 to 6 days a week and quickly noticed the changes in not only my body but mind as well. I began teaching within that year. I have my 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification in the Dayton Method. I feel that I teach with conviction because I believe in the practice with all my heart. It's truly a blessing having a job sharing my passion.
Teaching Style: Firstly, educational, which for me flows in both directions. I'm grateful to be constantly learning from my fellow practitioners. Secondly I hope to convey strength and balance in a calming manner. 
3 things I would put in a time capsule: 1)One of my favorite reads, "Lamb the Gospel According to Biff" 2) Any CD by Stevie Ray Vaughn

3) When Harry Met Sally DVD


Stephanie instructs the following:
  • Hot Yoga: Dynamic Series
  • Level: Intermediate
    Temperature: 100 degrees F
    Description: Hot Yoga Dynamic Series is a pumped up version of Hot Yoga Static Series. Drawing from the asanas and uniting philosophy present in the Static class, the Dynamic class is sequenced in a more flowing and creative manner to further challenge the students physically and mentally. The major differences between the two classes is that the asanas are held longer in the Static Series and the class moves at a quicker pace in the Dynamic Class. There are a few added sections in this class to increase core strength and upper body endurance. This class is a fun, vitalizing, and grounding class designed for beginner/intermediate students.

  • Hot Yoga: Static Series
  • Level: All Levels
    Temperature: 100 degrees F
    Description: Hot Yoga Static Series is a class consisting of a set sequence of breathing exercises and asanas practiced in the same order each class. This sequence is designed to systematically open up the muscles, joints, and stimulate the internal organs. Each pose is held for an extended amount of time allowing students to correct their alignment and deepen into the pose with consistent practice. One of the main benefits from this style is the increased awareness and concentration developed from practicing yoga in a heated environment. Synergy is the key to creating community in this class. All of the students are encouraged to move together as one in this class under the direction of the teacher. Moving into, staying in the asana, and releasing out of poses at the same time will greatly promote the uniting energy of this particular class. The intense heat is also critical in speeding up the flexibility in muscles and joints. Additionally, the copious sweating is desired to open up pores in the skin and achieve detoxification from inside and out. Due to the high heat, hydration before class will help students succeed.



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