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Bio: Lead Teacher Trainer for Spectra School of Yoga - As a professional dancer, I was first drawn to Yoga as a reliable method for physical therapy that I could practice on my own. Eventually, Yoga became so much more - I was hooked to its alignment principles, philosophy, mindfulness, and meditation. I also found a community of people on a similar path to personal growth. I made teaching Yoga my path in life, after experiencing the healing power of this practice, during a particularly traumatic event. I have never looked back. It is the greatest gift to share this practice with students and new teachers.
I bring strong alignment principles into my teaching with the space for students to have their own experience. In my classes, I create a space for students to press forward and to be still. I spent 8 years diving deeply into the teachings of Anusara yoga. I did my first 200-hour teacher training with Tony Guiliano, Kenny Graham, Tara Judelle, and Mark Holzman. I have completed teacher training intensives with Christina Sell and Noah Maze. My prenatal training is with Jessica Jennings and Ma Yoga (85 hours). I completed my 500-hour advanced teacher training with Noah Maze (Yogamaze). I am skilled in pose mechanics, therapeutics, meditation, labor skills, and have trained as a birth doula with Ana Paula Markel.
I have a deep and abiding call to bring the teachings of yoga to all different types of people – from pregnant women to aging baby boomers. The lessons of yoga are universal. There is an innate intelligence and inherent power in the human body that is both accessible and transformational. I can give you the tools to dig deep and realize the power of grace. E-RYT 200, RYT 500 and RPYT

Teaching Style: I am a teacher that is very interested in optimal alignment - and teaching that alignment. I also care deeply about the inner journey of the student. I hope that students have that dual experience of focusing deeply on the physical form and constantly reflecting back on how the shapes of the body effect the state of the mind and heart.

3 things I would put in a time capsule: yoga mat, my journal, hairspray :)

Find Me: www.colleenhieber.com

Colleen instructs the following:
  • 75-Min Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga Level 2
  • Hatha Yoga Level 2: Flow and Let Go
    Level: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate
    Temperature: 90-95 degrees F
    Description: This 75 minute Level 2 yoga practice builds upon the fundamentals learned in Level 1 to add an increased challenge to a yoga class. The solid knowledge base learned from Level 1 carry over to this class and Level 2 students are encouraged to let go of newcomer energy and flow confidently in this class. Instructors sequence the asanas in more ornate and creative fashions to keep students improving and feeling challenged. Some instructors may choose to teach this class in a Vinyasa format where the poses and transitions from pose to pose are linked with a breath cue. Depending on the teacher, this class can be taught at a faster pace than the Level 1 class. Additionally, a broader range of asanas and breathing techniques are taught to increase flexibility, strength, and concentration. This class is practiced in a warm room and is appropriate for advanced beginner/intermediate students.

  • Ma Yoga Pre-Natal (sign up: http://j.mp/SpectraMaYoga)
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    Level: All levels
    Temperature: Room Temperature
    Description: Prenatal yoga is appropriate for women (and birth partners) throughout all stages of pregnancy. The sequencing, poses, and meditation in this class are geared towards accommodating the growth and changes that occur in the pregnant body as well as addressing the emotional and mental hurdles. Special attention is given to modifications and variations of common yoga poses and vinyasas. One of the greatest benefits of prenatal yoga is the opportunity to meet other pregnant women and create community. This is a tremendously powerful time in a woman's life and practicing yoga is the perfect way to step into that power.   Spectra Yoga is the host site for this class and does not take responsibility for registration or payment. Please visit http://j.mp/SpectraMaYoga to sign up and pay for these classes.  

  • Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga Level 1.5
  • Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga Level 1/2: Yoga Fundamentals+
    Level: All levels → good for beginners
    Temperature: 85-90 degrees F
    Description: Level 1.5 yoga is an instructional and confidence building class. All great things must rely on a sound foundation. This class focuses heavily on correct postural alignment and developing appropriate yogic breathing. Fundamental poses that are common to many classes such as Downward Facing Dog and Warrior Poses will be broken down for the students, and modifications will be given if needed. Building a strong yoga foundation is crucial in a student’s success on the mat as their yoga journey blossoms. Level 1.5 yoga is a class for beginners and those working towards building upon a yoga foundation. Options will be given to students to advance their practice working towards Level 2 poses.

  • Mom + Baby Yoga (sign up: http://j.mp/SpectraMaYoga)
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    Level: All levels
    Temperature: Room Temperature
    Description: Mom + Baby Yoga is a class dedicated to parents and their newborn baby. Mothers are invited to come and experience a unique bonding experience with the new child in their lives. For the mother, this class greatly assists her to get back into her body and to start reintegrating core strength again. We also focus on allowing things to be a little hectic (babies crying, crawling, & feeding), while staying connected to breath. This is an amazing opportunity to introduce your baby to yoga, but also for parents to get out of the house, use your muscles, and meet other conscious parents to create a community of support and loving fun. Mom + Baby Yoga is appropriate for moms as soon as she is cleared for exercise by her care provider (usually 6-8 weeks postpartum) and is best for babies who are not yet on the move (if your baby just started crawling come try it out and see how it goes! Your first MA yoga class is free).
    Spectra Yoga is the host site for this class and does not take responsibility for registration or payment. Please visit
     to sign up and pay for these classes. 



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