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Bio: Angel Montague is a certified Yoga instructor, an educator for special needs students and a mother of two vibrant boys. Her classes benefit all levels of students while encompassing postures from the hot series, vinyasa, and a Yin style of yoga. She adds a unique element to her teaching style by uniting Deaf and hearing yogis alike by incorporating American Sign Language into her weekly donation-based beach classes.
Her genuine passion to teach and her fascination of the interconnectedness we all share shines through in her classes as she aims to inspire others to discover and reveal their inner truth. Angel earned both her 200 hour and 100 hour certifications through Core Power Yoga, a Children’s yoga certification through Smiling Monkeys, and a Yin Yoga certification through Ra Yoga. She enjoys being outdoors immersed in the beauty and wonder of nature.
Teaching Style: I bring a grounding, calming energy to our practice. I am often told I have a beautiful teaching voice, which can help encourage you through the more challenging parts of class as well as soothe you right into savasana bliss! There is often an introspective aspect to my classes and my fascination with the interconnectedness of all things shine through as I aim to inspire people to discover and reveal their inner truth. Yoga is my passion! I hope to share the joy it's given me with all of those who will accept it.

3 things I would put in a time capsule: 1) My journals. I have some which span over the past 20 years of my life, each recording my daily thoughts, emotions, favorite quotes, experiences, etc. I have a love for words, language and writing. It helps me to sort out my emotions and articulate my thoughts when I put pen to paper.
2) Pictures of my family and I. It is true that a picture can say 1,000 words. My two boys and the rest of my family are the best gifts I could ever have.
3) Sand and shells from the beach. It's my happy place and where I feel the most connected to a higher source, whether it be practicing yoga, surfing, swimming or just soaking up the sun.

Find Me: Facebook @ Sun & Sea Yoga; Instagram, Twitter, & Pinterest @SunandSeayoga

Angel instructs the following:
  • Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga Level 1
  • Hatha Yoga Level 1: Yoga Fundamentals
    Level: All levels → good for beginners
    Temperature: Room Temperature
    Description: Level 1 yoga is an instructional and confidence building class. All great things must rely on a sound foundation. This class focuses heavily on correct postural alignment and developing appropriate yogic breathing. Fundamental poses that are common to many classes such as Downward Facing Dog and Warrior Poses will be broken down for the students, and modifications will be given if needed. Building a strong yoga foundation is crucial in a student’s success on the mat as their yoga journey blossoms. Level 1 yoga is a class for all students whether new or experienced. It’s always good to reconnect to your beginnings.

  • Kids Yoga Summer Camp
  • Summer is just around the corner which means it's time to find something for your kids to do! What better way to occupy their time than to enroll them in Spectra's Kids Yoga Camp! Here your child will experience a daily dose of yoga, meditation, art, games/activities and an outing to Tanager Park for lunch/playtime. Each week will have a theme that we focus on to help bring out the innate qualities of every individual child. Among other things we will encourage confidence, mindfulness, ability to focus, and strength - all while having fun in a safe, welcoming environment!

    Sibling Discount: Sign one child up at the full price and the second child gets 25% off!

    Camp will be held
    Monday-Friday 9AM-1PM

    We have three sessions to choose from:

    • Session 1 Introductory (1 week only): June 26TH - 30TH @$169/child
    • Session 2  (2 weeks long): July 17TH - 28TH @$338/child
    • Session 3 (2 weeks long): August 7TH - 18TH @$338/child

    Here is a peek of our daily schedule:

    9AM - 10AM : Drop off and social time
    10AM - 11AM : Yoga
    11AM 11:15AM : Break
    11:15AM - 11:30AM : Walk to the park
    11:30AM - 12PM : Lunch and outdoor activities
    12PM - 12:15PM : Walk back to the studio
    12:15PM - 1PM : Art and meditation

    What to bring to camp everyday:

    • Yoga mat
    • Water
    • Sunblock/hat
    • Sack lunch and snack
    • Wear comfy yoga clothes and walking shoes

  • Kids Yoga
  • Level: All levels
    Temperature: Room Temperature
    Description: Children deserve to have a spiritual and loving community like the adults. Kids get to know themselves through discussions and self awareness techniques such as yoga. In this class just for kids, interactive and fun games are used to teach yoga postures and breathing exercises. As a result, children channel their surplus energy to strengthen their bodies and minds. Meditation is also introduced to help them learn how to relax, focus, and develop self awareness. Children leave feeling accomplished and happy. Kids Yoga is a special class designed for children between the ages of 5-11.

  • Yin Yoga
  • Level: All levels
    Temperature: Room Temperature
    Description: Challenging in a different way, Yin Yoga consists of longer held, mostly seated or lying postures that passively stretch connective tissue and muscles in order to unblock held energy and release physical tightness. Accompanied by relaxing music and guided instruction to help still and quiet the mind, yin yoga will help students gain greater flexibility and mobility, as well as a new sense of calm and balance that carries throughout the day. Yin Yoga is a great way to balance the dynamic and muscular (yang) styles of yoga. Yin is practiced in a cool room and appropriate for all levels (including prenatal).



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