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Bio: My yoga practice is how I planted my feet in uncertainty and bloomed. Yoga has given me peace, joy, resilience, and “literal” stability. Every day I strive to open my mind to new ideas, my heart to new people, be true to myself, and give 100% effort. Not knowing the lyrics to a song has never stopped me from singing along...loud and proud. In turn, I invite you to explore and see your practice as creative time. I teach because I believe in its ability to heal the mind and body. I completed my 200-hour Vinyasa certification and Aerial Yoga certification with Spectra School of Yoga in Costa Mesa, California. My yoga practice is rooted in my background as a professional dancer. I have dedicated myself to ballet, jazz, flamenco, and lindy hop. In my classes, I combine creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness, and community to help you deepen your practice. My goal is to have you step off the mat feeling refreshed, relaxed, and balanced. Namaste.
Teaching Style: Friendly, encouraging, and informative. My favorite students are absolute beginner’s because a beginner’s mind is open to all possibilities. I focus on the alignment of your body’s foundation in a pose, then work towards deepening and strengthening.
3 things I would put in my time capsule: Pointe Shoes, Theraband, and letters from my friends & family

Find Me: IG @paloma_delmar_acb

Sheila instructs the following:
  • Aerial Yoga* (register 4hrs before)
  • *This class is not included in the monthly membership. Additional cost required to take this class.
    Level: All levels
    Temperature: Room Temperature
    Description: Aerial Yoga is a unique experience of yoga asana practiced on the mat combined with asanas practiced in a suspended hammock. Using the aid of gravity, the hammock is an effective tool for realignment of the body as it acts like a hands on adjustment. The way in which the hammock guides the body into better alignment is greatly useful when translating the poses to the mat. The hammock is suspended about waist height off the ground and the instructor will guide students in and out of the hammock mindfully and safely. Aerial Yoga is intended to assist students to relax their mind and body, release tension, and rebuild proper alignment.
    No jewelry, no zippers, wear clothing that protects armpits and knees.

  • Intro to Aerial Yoga (register 4 hours before)
  • Sign up 4 hours ahead and call Spectra 714-436-0576

    Level: All levels
    Temperature: Room Temperature
    Description: A class to get acquainted with the aerial silk apparatus! Like a ‘first date’ with aerial yoga, students will be gradually taught how to use the silk hammock for expressing traditional yoga poses in unconventional new dimensions. Stretching techniques for shoulders, hips and hamstrings using the silk allows students to explore a deeper range of motion, connect to core stabilizing muscle groups. The aerial yoga teacher will teach students how to access inversions without any pressure on the head or neck while allowing decompression of the spine. Backbends such as half or full bow using full support of the silk are introduced. Experience Savasana in a completely new way, enveloped and safely supported by the silk hammock.

    Aerial yoga is safe for most students who can do inversions (no history of glaucoma, high blood pressure, stroke). Expectant mama’s are welcome to do aerial yoga with their doctor’s permission. It is recommended to wear a top that covers your underarms and long pants or leggings for both men & women.



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