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Bio: DJ was drawn to yoga as a way to deepen the connection between body and mind on and off the mat. As an attorney, DJ found the calm and mindfulness cultivated in his practice could be carried into the courtroom to defuse stressful situations. As a yogi, DJ found that his attention to detail and precision allowed the practice to become more grounded and technical. DJ completed his 200 and 300 hour
certifications with Fluid Yoga in Boston, Massachusetts and developed a personal practice and teaching method informed by many different styles of yoga. DJ co-founded and sits on the board of bodhi & mind
yoga, a Boston-based non-profit organization that provides yoga and meditation to people in cancer treatment and recovery.
When he is not teaching yoga or being a lawyer, DJ can be found walking Newport Back Bay with his dog, surfing, rock climbing, reading, or restoring old cars.
Teaching Style: DJ’s classes incorporate a fun, mindful flow designed to allow graceful intuitive movement while providing opportunities to develop specific techniques and movements to open the body and make the practice more accessible. Expect each class to explore breathing and meditation techniques in conjunction with the physical asana practice. DJ teaches vinyasa flow, restorative, yin, vipassana-inspired meditation and yoga nidra. DJ often uses contemporary music to help reinforce the atmosphere and pace of his classes.
3 Things I would put in a time capsule: A hoodie; My playlists and podcasts; The Game of Thrones book series (hopefully by then it’s complete!).

DJ instructs the following:
  • 75-Min Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga Level 2
  • Hatha Yoga Level 2: Flow and Let Go
    Level: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate
    Temperature: 90-95 degrees F
    Description: This 75 minute Level 2 yoga practice builds upon the fundamentals learned in Level 1 to add an increased challenge to a yoga class. The solid knowledge base learned from Level 1 carry over to this class and Level 2 students are encouraged to let go of newcomer energy and flow confidently in this class. Instructors sequence the asanas in more ornate and creative fashions to keep students improving and feeling challenged. Some instructors may choose to teach this class in a Vinyasa format where the poses and transitions from pose to pose are linked with a breath cue. Depending on the teacher, this class can be taught at a faster pace than the Level 1 class. Additionally, a broader range of asanas and breathing techniques are taught to increase flexibility, strength, and concentration. This class is practiced in a warm room and is appropriate for advanced beginner/intermediate students.

  • Candlelit Yoga: Hatha/Vinyasa 1
  • Level: Beginner
    Temperature: Room Temperature
    Description: Candlelight flow takes your yoga practice to a new level of sensory engagement. Each class is structured to develop strength and build internal heat before taking the practice to the ground for deeper stretches and longer holds. Practiced in a dark, candle-lit room, this flow allows you to more effectively draw your attention to the subtle sensations that emerge during your practice. Candlelight flow is an all-levels practice that includes cuing and modifications for any experience level. Fundamental yoga poses such as downward-facing dog and warrior poses are commonly used in this class and may be modified as appropriate. Candlelight flow is practiced in a warm room.

  • Meditation: Yoga Nidra
  • Level: All Levels
    Temperature: Room Temperature
    Description: Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, is a deep and restorative meditation practice that induces a state of mind between wakefulness and rest. It is in this state of absolute awareness that we can dredge up the subconscious and identify energy obstructors in the body. The meditation mergers breath awareness, body scanning, and visual and sense elements to assist in healing and relaxing. In this 45 minute class, students will be guided through what Yoga Nidra is and the different ways yoga Nidra can be employed, and the physiological effects of yoga Nidra.
    This class is perfect for all levels and no experience is needed. Please wear comfortable clothes as you will be lying down for most of the class. 



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