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Bio: Jacky has nursed a life-long goal to help both himself and others evolve into the best possible versions of themselves. This drive has manifested itself into a passion for health and fitness, both of mind and of body. Having been involved in a variety of sports all his life, from wrestling to gymnastics to parkour, etc., Jacky has always been fascinated by the biomechanics of the human body and its capacity for movement. He is also currently a PhD student studying methods of enhancing cognitive fitness.

Acroyoga is his current athletic passion and combines his desire for adrenaline with his interests in human biomechanics. Jacky has been practicing since 2012, and enjoys not just the athletic component of Acroyoga, but also the interpersonal connection and playful energy it provides. He is excited to share his practice with you, and hopes you will find as much fulfillment from it as he does.

When he's not getting upside down in Acroyoga, Jacky also enjoys martial arts, meditation, and crying himself to sleep at night for not being the best version of himself possible.

3 things I would put in a Time Capsule:

1) my laptop with my dissertation (never go anywhere without it)

2) My acro crash pads

3) a time capsule with 3 other items in it

Find me: IG @jackrobat84

Jacky instructs the following:
  • Acro Yoga All Levels
  • Level: All Levels
    Temperature: Room Temperature
    Description: Acro Yoga - All levels is accessible to anyone! The instructor will guide students through the basic partner Acro Yoga poses and build on those to create fun flows. You will learn how to link poses together, and get to explore different concepts of partner balance work. We will still be working in groups of three with a base, flyer, and spotter. A great class to work on your Acro Yoga practice with options to challenge yourself!



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