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Love is in the Air!

February is a celebratory month of love and honor. We pay homage to our nations' past Presidents, remember Black History, and celebrate the love we have for each other.

On behalf of all the teachers and staff at Spectra Yoga, I would like to express our utmost LOVE and gratitude for YOU! Our classes are only successful because of the amazing students that we have at the studio. Through each class taught and interaction at the front desk, we strive to provide you the best that we can give. We hope that you feel welcome and cared for when you walk through the front doors.

If you want to give back to the teachers and staff, you can do so by leaving feedback, a love note, a tip, and/or a small token of gratitude in your teacher's metal mailbox underneath his/her picture in the hallway. The teachers and staff always appreciate hearing from you. 

May you feel loved and cherished by all around you!



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