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Spectra Yoga and The Unlikely Cyclist have teamed up to create a dynamic Women only cycling community or otherwise known as the Spectra Cycle Club. This powerful group of women meet twice a week at the Unlikely Cyclist shop in Costa Mesa for a bike ride on Wednesdays & Satrudays. Additionally, the women gather at Spectra Yoga for a Restorative and/or Yin Yoga Class to help nurture, rejuvenate, and stretch worn muscles.

  • CYCLE-The cost of the club to ride is FREE.
  • YOGA-The cost for a drop in Yin Yoga class is at a discounted rate of $12.
Bike Ride and Yoga info are below. If you are a member of Spectra Yoga, you will not need to pay extra to take these yoga classes. 

Member Benefits:
Members of the Cycle Club from Spectra Yoga will benefit with a 10% off discount at the Unlikely Cyclist on all cycle gear, equipment, and accessories. 
Those members from the Unlikely Cyclist will also receive a 10% off discount at Spectra Yoga on apparel, yoga mats, towels, and class packages.

Yoga Class Info: 
Restorative & Yin Yoga is a practice for all levels in a room temperature environment. The yoga classes are designed to have students hold postures for a longer period of time either seated or lying down. These poses act to stretch the connective tissues and muscles in order to unblock held energy and release physical tightness. Accompanied by relaxing music and guided instruction to help still and quiet the mind, these yoga classes will help students gain greater flexibility and mobility, as well as a new sense of calm and balance that carries throughout the day. The two class times that will offer a discounted drop in rate of $12 are the following: Signing up ahead is recommended to reserve a spot.
  • Yin Yoga Thursday 6:45-7:45 pm
  • Restorative Yoga Sunday 12:00-1:00 pm
Bike Ride Info:
  • Wednesday Women’s Road Bike Ride-  meet at the shop at 5:45pm for a 20mile loop.  This is an Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Paced ride (please be able to maintain 13mph average).  There are 3 re-group points so no one gets left behind.  Lights and helmets required.  Click HERE for the Wednesday route.
  • Saturday “no-drop” Women’s Road Bike Ride - meet at the shop at 7:45am for a 3 hour ride. This is an Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Paced ride with a dedicated lead and sweep.  All riders are welcome and you won’t be left behind.  The route changes weekly and can be found on our website at www.theunlikelycyclist.com.


The Unlikely Cyclist: 1661 Superior Ave, Unit C, Costa Mesa 92627
Spectra Yoga: 2701 Harbor Blvd, Ste E-1, Costa Mesa, CA 92626



2701 Harbor Blvd, Suite E-1
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

(714) 436-0576