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Welcome to the Spectra Yoga Run Club!

Spectra Yoga is proud to present our Run Club. For the Summer 2017 season, this club will meet at 7:00 am Sundays for a run, 6:00 pm Tuesday evenings (offsite) for a track workout/hill training, and 5:45 pm on Thursdays at Spectra for a yoga class. Runners combine training, running, and yoga to help strengthen and gain endurance for fun races and mud runs across Southern California as a team. This club is open to all no matter what level you're at because when you run and stretch, you will progress and prevent injuries. 

This club will be coached by Kevin Mullen, certified Running Coach, Molly McGraw, and Amanda Arias, spirited, running Ambassadors for Spectra Yoga. Read about these awesome individuals below.

New events and races will be added to the schedule as the club grows and evolves!

Spectra Yoga Members: $79 for race training June 11 through October 1, 2017
Non-Members: $109 for race training and 16 yoga classes (1/week) through October 1, 2017


The Full Moon Half Marathon

Saturday June 10

Race starts at  5:00 am

Meet at Edison Community Center

This is a free Half Marathon, with a finishers metal

If you are interested contact me at mullen762@yahoo.com

The race is limited to 50 runners.

SURF CITY RUN 5K: Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Register: Click HERE
About: This is the most popular July 4th 5K in Orange County. The Surf City Run benefits the Huntington Beach Jr. Lifeguard program. The Jr. Lifeguards will provide the volunteers along the course and will benefit from the run helping them to raise money for their program, special trips and outreach to the community.

LONG BEACH 2017 HALF & FULL MARATHON: Sunday October 8, 2017

Register: Click HERE
About: Come experience one of the most scenic events in California, “Run Long Beach”. Starting in Downtown Long Beach, runners head towards the historic Queen Mary and then through Shoreline Village. After running next to the Pacific Ocean on the flat beach path, half marathoners will continue down Ocean Boulevard while full marathoners veer right and head through Belmont Shore toward Marine Stadium. Cheerleaders, sororities, fraternities, clubs, student organizations, faculty, and the school mascot Prospector Pete come out full-force to cheer as runners complete a 5K loop around the California State University, Long Beach campus. With 6.2 miles to go, runners head back towards Ocean Boulevard for a fast finish and Finish Line Festival celebration

Meet Your Run Club Coaches

Kevin Mullen Action_copy1

Certified Running Coach

Molly Run

Spectra Ambassador

Amanda Action

Spectra Ambassador

Biography: Coach Kevin is a RRCA certified running coach. He's been coaching for five years. Kevin has coached groups for the Long Beach Marathon, the L.A. Marathon, and the O.C. Half Marathon. Also individual training, and mentoring. He has raced 17 marathons and 53 half marathons. With all of this experience and training, Coach Kevin qualified for the Boston Marathon 3 times, and will be returning this April to run again in Boston.
Kevin is also a huge yoga enthusiast and has been practicing yoga for 5 years, mostly Hatha Vinyasa and some Yin Yoga. Bikram/Hot Yoga is one more his more favorite styles as he has noticed how the hot yoga classes has helped him with his endurance and flexibility. In May 2004, Coach Kevin won the Bikram yoga challenge by going to yoga every day consecutively for 30 days. 

"Practicing yoga has kept me injury free, while training for marathons. My running time have improved dramatically, and I believe the addition of yoga into my training has gotten me to Boston 3 times. I believe yoga and running is the perfect combination. It works for me and other athletes, and I know it will work for you." ~Coach Kevin

Biography: Molly is an avid fitness devotee, loving everything from TRX to yoga to half marathons and everything in between - and recently trying out the triathlon scene. She has been running since the 5th grade when she joined track and ran the 4X1 and hurdles as well as playing soccer for 10 years. Since transitioning into long distance running she has ran in the OC 1/2 marathon, Long Beach 1/2 marathon as well as multiple 5 and 10K's and the Camp Pendleton Mud Run.  

"I encourage anyone to come out and join us. Our training style allows all runners to join and develop to whatever level they want. The combination of the great yoga and fitness classes we offer paired with Kevin's running schedules is sure to help you achieve your fitness goals - all while having a great time." ~Molly

Biography: Amanda has been an avid runner since middle school. All throughout her childhood into her early 20s she's been an athlete playing sports like basketball, volleyball, and softball. She started running because it helped her condition for club sports, which ultimately made her a faster player on her team sports. Some races that she's participated in are Chamber of Commerce 5k Corona Del Mar, Radical Obstacle Race, OC Marathon, and Ragnar Run. 

Amanda has coupled her running with TRX and Yoga. TRX trains provides strength and endurance for all of her obstacle races, while yoga has upped her game 100%! She has better blood flow throughout her body, which has reduced the cramping. She finds that her improved flexibility in mind and body is clutch for mental determination to finish the long distance runs.




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