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Yoga Etiquette


YOUR JOURNEY ON YOUR MAT: Yoga is a very individualized journey and should be honored. It is not a competition with yourself or others and performing poses perfectly is not a requirement. Each day you step on the mat may feel different than the others, so feel free to take a break in a resting pose if needed.

CELL PHONES: Your yoga class time is an opportunity to connect to yourself. Cell phones and pagers disrupt the overall yoga experience for you and your neighbors in class. Please safely store your mobile devices outside the classroom. Spectra Yoga offers lockers for your convenience.

SHOES: Please remove shoes before walking down the studio hall way. There are lockers in the changing rooms to place your belongings. Appropriate athletic shoes are only required in the TRX classes. All other classes at Spectra Yoga are practiced without shoes.  

BEFORE CLASS: Plan to arrive 30 minutes early if you are a first time student. If you are a returning member, please arrive a few minutes early to sign in and set up before class. Talk to your instructor about any injuries, health concerns, and/or special needs that you may affect your practice. Nothing is too small to bring up, so don’t be shy.

LEAVING EARLY: If there are certain circumstances that require you leave early from your yoga class, make arrangements with your instructor before class to set up near the door. This will provide you with a quick and quiet exit route and gives the instructor a heads up to provide you with a resting pose (savasana) before you have to leave. The last pose of class is a very important part of your yoga practice.

DURING CLASS: Please refrain from talking before, during and after the class whilst in the yoga room. It is a meditation space that we honor. There is plenty of time to talk before and after class in the locker and reception areas. Treat the space as an oasis.

AFTER CLASS: For those of you taking a class with props, please help us out and put away your props neatly after class. For those of you taking any hot class, please wipe up your hard earned yoga sweat. The students coming in after you will greatly appreciate your effort.



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